Idaho Congressional candidate, Jennifer Martinez, stated “I’m a 1st generation Latina here in Idaho and I’m also a woman, many of the messages they have shared have been totally offensive to me in every single way. My parents came here to give me a better life. They aren’t rapists, they aren’t murders. They are hard workers who contribute to the economy.”

During the press conference when we asked Trump if he thought his comment was dangerous considering the current divide in the country he replied “If a metaphor offends someone I can understand that and maybe that’s the world in which we live in today. I’m not comparing someone to candy. I’m using it as, it’s a statistical thing. “


Well, there we have it folks, “it’s a statistical thing.” I guess we can all pack up and head for the barn now that we have a genius statistician giving us the what for 45 days before Election Day.

Junior spoke to approximately 75-100 donors in the private jet hangar as part of a sequence of visits he made to western states. I spoke with a donor anonymously who said “not everyone wrote checks today, but some of us in the room did.”

Smooth talking businessmen do not inspire faith that everyone will have an equal opportunity succeed in Idaho. Hard working Idahoans deserve representation by honest individuals who do not shirk away from taking responsibility for their actions or words and who put our children and grandchildren’s future ahead of their own personal greedy gain.